A History of Innovation


The Beginning

Our founder, Bruce McCormick, had a distinguished 35-year career working on hardware at Intel. He was captivated by the AI renaissance of the 1980s, and became a firm believer that a key requirement in the advancement of AI was a revolution in hardware which would better approximate the massive parallelism found in the brain.

At the beginning of the current AI revolution, Bruce worked within Intel to try and fulfill this dream of developing a non-Von-Neuman architecture. Ultimately, he left Intel and founded his own company, eventually enlisting the help of another longtime Intel veteran for digital design.

Bruce sadly passed away in 2014, but not before achieving his dream of a highly-parallel architecture for AI. We at Nearist share Bruce’s vision, and are continuing on in his mission--the principles of parallelism and colocation of memory and processing are the foundation of Nearist’s VSX acceleration cards.

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